Day 147 – Cantique de Jean Racine

Blog June 2, 2014

Word of God, one with the Most High,
in Whom alone we have our hope,

It was 7 years ago. I was eating Nasi Padang while watching a random orchestra concert in a small computer screen with my friend Ayu.
I did not remember which song was in that concert. But I do remember that the concert was very beautiful and took place in a very beautiful concert hall.

The camera shoot the performers, and then it slowly moved to the beautiful red seats and continue to the spectators sitting wearing those tuxedos and beautiful dress. 
For us, that orchestra concert in that small computer screen was not only beautiful but also strange. everyone in there seems just everything but us. What happen in that monitor was too far away from our reality then.

“That hall is very beautiful isn’t it?” I said
“Yes! when will we be there Re” Ayu asked me with her cheeky smile
“well, we can pretend to be there right now” I smile, still enjoying the concert while eating Nasi Padang 
“We should sit in front” 
“When we watch it there directly, we should sit in front so we can seed the performers closely” Ayu said seriously
“No, No, we should sit on the Podium. We will bring those opera binoculars. You know, the lens those gentlemen in hollywood movie watching the concert"
we laughed. It seems so far away.

We were young, we know nothing about music, what kind of music it is, who is the composer, what kind of genre is that, what kind of era that music is being written. We know nothing, though we can feel if the music beautiful.

10 minutes later the concert ended, we stood, we clap with our hand still oily from the Padang food

“Bravo! Bravo!“

2 days ago, 7 years later

Today is the second time I have a chance to watch a concert in Amsterdam Concertgebouw. 

It blows my mind.

It was Requiem Faure by the Bach Choir & Orchestra of the Netherlands.
Series of fortunate events letting me enjoy that concert for the second time Amsterdam Concertgebouw. 

With those fortunate evens too, I have the chance to get in through the artist entrance. 

It was complete different experience since the first time I watch a concert in Concertgebouw. This time, I entered the building through artist entrance, entering an underground maze-like alleys where a lot of signed posters hanged along the alley, passing the soloists and conductors room going to exactly the back of the stage where one of the monitors showing the stage activity. 

I can not stop thinking a scene of Ray Liotta in Goodfellas entering Copacabana. 
It gets better when we went to the Artist Lounge. It’s the place where they are waiting to perform. 
I have met couple of the singers before, and had a short conversation with them. 
“Hey Arif! Nice to meet you again. Enjoy the concert!” one of them greeted me

"I think we will start soon, we should get you to your chair” my friend said
“let me see your ticket” 
I gave him my ticket. 
“Okay, follow me”
we went to the elevator. It slowly going up before its door opened. While we try to find my seat, the speaker chimes and announce that the concert is going to start
“ You have to perform very soon, don’t worry I can find it by my self” I said
“are you sure”
My friend left me, while I asked the bailiff to show me my seat. 
He showed me the way
It was a Balkon seat.

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